GNU/Linux Command – DF

df — Disk Free and usage report
df shows the amount of disk space available on the file-system (FS) containing each file name argument. If no file name is given, then the usage info of all currently mounted FSs are shown.
$ df -- Usage report of all mounted FS.  $ df -P -- Output in POSIX format (Compare with previous output).  $ df -Th -- Show the partition type and size is in human readable format.  $ df -l -- Show only the local FS. No NFS, SMB  $ df -x tmpfs -- Don't list the 'tmpfs' partitions.  $ df -t nfs -- List only the 'nfs' partitions.  $ df /home -- Usage report of Home partition.  $ df /dev/hda1 -- Usage report of /dev/hda1  $ df myfile -- Display usage report of FS, which contain the myfile.
Read: man df

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