GNU/Linux Command – DU

du — Print the file’s disk space usage.


du summarize disk usage of each file/Dir, recursively for directories and print the info in different format. Normally the size is printed in units of 1024 bytes.

$ du -- Show the disk usage of present and it's all sub Dirs (recursively). $ du -a -- Show the files size also along the Dir. $ du -h -- Show sizes in the Human readable format (1K, 2M). $ du -S -- Don't include the Sub Dirs size. $ du -s -- Show total size of the current Dir. No detailed listing. $ du -X MyExcPat -- Exclude all files, which is matching with the patterns(*txt, *awk, *.c) in the 'MyExcPat' file. $ du --exclude="*.pdf" -- Exclude all PDF files. $ du --max-depth=2 -- Travel only 2 level depth below the  current Dir. $ du -b MyFile -- Show the 'MyFile' size in Bytes. $ du -h MyDir -- Show the 'MyDir' size in Human readable form.
Read: man du

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