GNU/Linux Command – OGG123

ogg123 — Plays Ogg Vorbis audio files.


Ogg Vorbis is a new audio compression format. It is different from these other formats, like MP3, because it is completely free, open and unpatented. It is roughly comparable to other formats used to store and play digital music, such as MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats.

ogg123 reads Ogg Vorbis audio files and decodes/play them to the (by default) standard sound card or specified device(s). Input files can be read from the system, or URLs can be streamed via HTTP.

Press Ctrl C to stop the ogg123.

$ locate .ogg -- Search for some OGG files in your system. $ ogg123 my.ogg -- Play on the default sound card. $ ogg123 -q my.ogg -- Quiet mode. No messages are displayed. $ ogg123 -v my.ogg -- Verbose mode. Show more info. $ ogg123 -x 4 my.ogg -- Play the file in 4 time faster. $ ogg123 -y 2 my.ogg -- Play the file in 2 times slower then the normal speed. $ ogg123 -d esd my.ogg -- Play the file using ESD Device. $ ogg123 ~/MusicDir -- Play all of the files in the ~/MusicDir and its subDirs. $ ogg123 -d wav -f my.wav my.ogg -- Convert the OGG to WAV. $ ogg123 -d oss -d wav -f my.wav my.ogg -- Play the file andwrite it to a WAV file.
Read: man ogg123 (More examples are available in man page)

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