GNU/Linux Command – MTOOLS

mtools – Utilities to access DOS disks in Unix
Summary :
MTools is a public domain collection of tools to allow Unix systems to manipulate DOS files: Read, Write, Delete & Move around files on an DOS file system (Default floppy). Each program attempts to emulate the MS-DOS equivalent command.
$ mdir -- List files from the floppy.  $ minfo -- Get DOS FS info.  $ mdu dir1 -- Space usage report of dir1.  $ mcopy myfile a: -- Copy DOS files to/from Linux.  $ mcd dir1 -- Change the current dir to a:/dir1.  $ mmove file1 file2 -- Move/Rename an DOS file/subdir.  $ mdel file -- Del a DOS file from floppy.  $ mdeltree dir -- Del a DOS dirtree from floppy.  $ mformat -- Create a DOS FS in a formatted floppy.  $ mlabel -- Make DOS volume label.

  1. More tools are available in MTool Set.
  2. Behavior of MTools will change depending upon the config /etc/mtools.conf.

Read: man mtools

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