GNU/Linux Command – DISPLAY

display — Display an Image on any workstation running X.

Display is a machine architecture independent image processing and display program. It can display an image on any workstation screen running an X server. Display can read and write many of the more popular image formats (e.g. JPEG, TIFF, PNM, Photo CD, etc.). It has many option to perform operation like invert, resize, rotate, etc..

$ display image.jpg -- Display the image.jpg. $ display -size 800x640 image.png -- Display the image.png in800x640 pixels. $ display -colors 16 image.gif -- Display the image.gif as a 16bitcolors image. $ display -border 10x10 -bordercolor red image.png -- Display theimage with red color border of size 10x10 pixels. $ display -- Display theimage from the URL. $ display -monochrome colors.png -- Display the color image inmonochrome format. $ display *.png -- Display all PNG images. Press SPACE barto cycle between images.
Read: man display

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