GNU/Linux Command – FMT

fmt — Simple optimal text ForMatTer
Summary :
`fmt’ reads from the specified file arguments or stdin, and writes to stdout.

Examples :
$ fmt myfile -- Format myfile and max line length is 75.  $ fmt f1 f2 -- Format f1 f2 and max line length is 75.  $ fmt -w 60 f1 f2 -- Same as above but max line length is 60.  $ fmt -s myfile -- Don't split the small line. Useful if your file contains some sample program codes.  $ fmt -u myfile -- Uniform spacing. One space between words.Two space between sentences.  $ fmt -p BB myfile -- Format lines beginning with BB. $ fmt -t myfile -- Paragraph indentation will be preserved.
Note: By default, blank lines, spaces between words, and indentation are preserved in the output; successive input lines with different indentation are not joined; tabs are expanded on input and introduced on output.
Read : man fmt

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