GNU/Linux Command – USERADD

useradd — Create a new user.
Summary :
useradd creates a new user with specified options like username, home dir, group details, password, etc ..
# useradd usr1 -- Add new user usr1 with default settings.  # useradd usr1 -d /home2/usr1 -- Create the new user's home dirin /home2  # useradd usr1 -e 2010-01-30 -- From 30/01/2010 the user accountwill be disabled.  # useradd usr1 -f 6 -- After passwd expires, system will allow the user to login for 6 days with a warning to change his passwd.  # useradd usr1 -g staff -G student,lect, prof -- Set his initial group as staff and sublimate group as office, lect, prof.  # useradd usr1 -p $1$d8 -- Create the usr1 with the given encrypted password. For No passwd, acc disabled.  # useradd usr1 -s /bin/csh -- Set C Shell as the default loginshell for the usr1.
Read: man useradd

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