GNU/Linux Command – PASSWD

passwd – Update a user’s authentication tokens(s).
Passwd is used to update a user’s authentication tokens, like password, lifetime, etc. Passwd is configured to work through the Linux-PAM API.
$ passwd -- Ask new passwd for your account.  # passwd user1 -- Ask new passwd for user1's account.  # passwd -l user1 -- Lock user1 account.  # passwd -u user1 -- Unlock user1 account.  # passwd -d user1 -- Remove password for user1.  # passwd -S user1 -- Show short info about user1's password.  # passwd -n 30 user1 -- Set 30days as the min lifetime of the user1's password.
All new users should read the following topic in the man page
A) Protect your password and B) Choose a hard-to-guess password
Read: man passwd, pam

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