Change GNOME Notification Balloon Position

Recently posted a ODOC on notify-send command. If you run the notify-send command, by default, the notification balloon will appear at the default position (right bottom) in the Desktop. Some of my friends don’t like this position and they want to change this position right top of the desktop. So they asked me to post the option for this. In GNOME Desktop Manager, following steps will help you change this position:
Start Gnome Configuration editor (Application -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor OR just run “gconf-editor” command). Goto notification-daemon settings (/ -> apps -> notification-daemon -> popup_location) and change the popup_location to any of the following value “top_right” or “bottom_right” or “top_left” or “bottom_left”.


From the next X session, the pop-up balloon will appear in the new location. If you want to see the effect, then you have to restart the notification-daemon process.

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