GNU/Linux Command – C++DECL

c++decl — Create/Explain C++ Type Declarations.


Cdecl is a program for encoding and decoding C/C++ type declarations in English language. Both cdecl and c++decl are same program. cdecl will use C notation and c++decl use C++. It can run in interactive (shell-like) and non interactive mode (command line arguments). In the interactive mode, cdecl will wait for your input in “c++decl> ” prompt. Enter “quit or exit” to exit. Enter “?” for help.

$ c++decl -- Start the c++decl in interactive mode. c++decl> quit -- Exit c++decl. c++decl> declare i as static integer c++decl> declare x reference to pointer to character c++decl> declare foo as pointer to member of class X int c++decl> explain class Y *(X::*foo)(arg1, arg2) $ c++decl -c declare signal as function returning int -- Create compilable C or C++ code as output.
Read: man c++decl

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