GNU/Linux Command – DIALOG Project is a loose collection of Free/Open Hardware modules. Currently the emphasis is on Digital Modules called ‘CORES’. URL:

dialog — Show interactive Dialog boxes from shell.


Dialog is a program that will let you to present a variety of Qus or Messages using dialog boxes from a shell script. Following dialog box types are in-build in dialog command (calendar, checklist, fselect, gauge, infobox, inputbox, menu, msgbox, password, radiolist, tailbox, tailboxbg, textbox, timebox, and yesno).

$ dialog --title "Hello" --msgbox "Bharathi" 20 40 -- Message box. $ dialog --title "Input Box" --inputbox "My Name" 10 20 Bharathi -- Input Box. $ dialog --title "CAL" --calendar "Set Date" 0 0 22 8 2005 -- Calendar. $ dialog --title "Yes/No" --yesno "Say yes or no" 15 61 -- YesNo box. $ dialog --title "Please choose a file" --fselect $HOME/ 20 40 -- File Select Box. $ dialog --title "TIMEBOX" --timebox "Set Time" 0 0 12 34 56 -- Time Box.
Read: man dialog and /usr/share/doc/dialog-XYZ/

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