GNU/Linux Command – GPHOTO2

gphoto2 — Client to access the Digital cameras.


gphoto2 is a command-line client written using the gphoto2 cross platform digital camera library. We can access the digital cameras, which is connected to a GNU/Linux System thru the USB Port.

$ gphoto2 -- Show help message. $ gphoto2 --list-cameras -- List all supported cameras. $ gphoto2 --list-ports -- List supported port devices. $ gphoto2 --auto-detect -- List detected cameras. $ gphoto2 --camera "USB PTP Class Camera" -- If camera is not auto detected the specify the generic type. $ gphoto2 -a -- Show camera abilities. $ gphoto2 -P -- Get all files from camera. $ gphoto2 -p 1,4-6 -- Get only photos 1,4,5,6. $ gphoto2 -T -- Get all thumbnails images. $ gphoto2 --debug -- Show more detailed info.
Read: man gphoto2

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