Bike and FOSS

I have 10 years old 100cc Bike. Normally I drive at optimum speed (40-60Km). So still it is in good condition. For past few months, it started making lot of noise, due to some issue in the silencer. It is not solved even after two services in an authorized service center. When I asked them, they said, thread in the silencer joint is damaged and it needs to be changes. Cost of the joint is Rs ~200/-.

In the present financial condition, spending Rs 200/- is too much. So I thought of finding a short-cut to solve this issue and take a close look into the silencer joint, I found that, the bush, which help to hold silencer tightly, was missing. Just I took my bike to the near by local mechanic shop and got repaired it at 1/5th of original cost.

Does it mean that, the dealer is not capable to detect this problem. NO, he is well trained. but his intention is to sell the stuff, not to solve my problem at **low cost**. Today in software world, the proprietary companies are doing the same thing. Instead of solving the problem, they will force you to buy the new version. If you use FOSS softwares, you can solve the problems or you can find a person, who solve the problems in your budget.

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