GNU/Linux Command – SCP

scp — Secure remote file Copy Program.


scp copies files between computers on a network. It uses ssh for the data transfer, uses the same authentication and provides the same security as ssh. The SSH Daemon must be running in the remote computer to do the scp.

$ scp file1 remote@MyServer:~/ -- Copy local file1 to Home Dir of the remote account on MyServer. $ scp -p file1 remote@MyServer:~/ -- Preserves modification time,access time, and modes from the original file. $ scp -r MyDir remote@MyServer:~/ -- Recursively copy entire MyDir. $ scp -q file1 remote@MyServer:~/ -- Disables the defaultprogress bar. $ scp -v file1 remote@MyServer:~/ -- Verbose Mode. $ scp remote@MyServer:~/file2 . -- Copy the file2 from remoteaccount on MyServer to the local host.
On Windoz: Putty is the SSH Client and WinSCP is the SCP Client.

Read: man scp

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