GNU/Linux Command – ARPING

arping – send ARP REQUEST to a neighbour host


Ping destination on device interface by sending ARP Request packets. Normally, arping starts by sending the broadcast request, and switch to unicast request after reply received. It is useful, if ICMP packets are blocked in the host.

# arping -- Send ARP Request. # arping host -- Resolve the IP for host and send ARP Request. # arping -b -- Send all ARP Request in Broadcast mode. # arping -I eth1 host -- Send the ARP Request through the eth1 NIC. # arping -U -- Send Gracious ARP Request to updateneighbours ARP caches. No replies are expected. # arping -f host -- Stop after receiving the 1st ARP Reply. # arping -c 6 host -- Stop after sending 6 ARP Requests. # arping -w 6 host -- Stop after 6 Seconds.
Read: man arping

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