GNU/Linux Command – ETHTOOL

ethtool — Tool to Display or Change Ethernet card/NIC settings.


ethtool is the replacement for mii-tool and tends to be supported by the latest NIC drivers. As it is closely work with NIC driver, the options provided in ethtool may NOT be supported by all the cards and drivers. ethtool settings do not persist across reboot or NIC driver module reload.

# ethtool eth0 -- Show current status of eth0. # ethtool -i eth0 -- Show driver associated with this device. # ethtool -a eth0 -- Show the flow control setting. # ethtool -k eth0 -- Show the offload setting. # ethtool -S eth0 -- Show NIC and driver specific statistics. # ethtool -d eth0 -- Show register dump for the NIC. # ethtool -r eth0 -- Restarts auto-negotiation operation. # ethtool -t eth0 -- Perform a self-test. # ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off -- Disable the auto-negotiation. # ethtool -s eth1 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off -- Set the cardspeed to 100Mbps, half duplex and auto-negotiation off. # ethtool -A eth0 rx off tx off -- Turn off the flow control. # ethtool -p eth0 15 -- Set Ethernet card LED blinking rate.

Read: man ethtool

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