GNU/Linux Command – SLEEP

sleep/usleep — Sleep for a specified amount of time

Summary :
Sleep will introduce a delay for a specified seconds (Seconds may be an arbitrary floating point number). usleep sleeps for specified no of micro- seconds (default is 1).

Examples :
$ sleep 6 -- Sleep for 6 Seconds. $ sleep 6s -- Sleep for 6 Seconds (Default). $ sleep 6m -- Sleep for 6 Minutes. $ sleep 6h -- Sleep for 6 Hours. $ sleep 6d -- Sleep for 6 Days. $ sleep 10.5 -- sleep for 10.5 Seconds. $ usleep 200 -- Sleep for 200 mSec.
Sleep is an user space program. So it may NOT give a very accurate timing result on many machines.

Read: man sleep, usleep

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