GNU/Linux Command – TPUT

tput — Initialize a terminal or query terminfo database

Summary :
The tput utility uses the terminfo database to make the values of terminal dependent capabilities and information available to the shell to initialize / reset / query the terminal.

Examples :
$ tput cols -- Print the no of cols for the current terminal. $ tput cup 10 5 -- Move the CUrsor Position to Row 10 & Col 5. $ tput smso -- Starts highlighting $ tput civis -- Make the Cursor invisible $ tput cnorm -- Show Cursor $ tput blink -- Starts blinking the chars $ tput bold -- show chars in Light Bold $ tput rev -- Show chars in Reverse Video $ tput rmso -- Normal mode (No highlight/bold/blink) $ tput longname -- Show the long name of the current term. $ tput reset -- Reinitialization of term with reset/init strings. $ tput clear -- Clear the terminal. $ tput bold; echo Bharathi -- Just to test.
Read : man tput

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