GNU/Linux Command – TAIL

tail – Output the last part of files.

Summary :
Print the last 10 lines of each FILE to stdout. With more than one FILE, precede each with a header giving the file name.

Examples :
$ tail myfile -- Show only the last 10 Lines. $ tail f1 f2 -- Show the last 10 lines from 2 files withsmall header. $ tail -vn 6 myfile -- Show only last 6 Lines with header. $ tail -c 24 myfile -- Show only last 24 Bytes. $ tail -q myfile -- Don't show headers. $ tail --retry myfile -- Keep retrying to open myfile. $ tail -f maillog -- Output appended data as the file grows.Useful to monitor logs. $ tail -f -s 10 maillog -- Once in every 10s update the output. $ tail -f --pid=600 myfile -- Terminate tail after the processwith PID 600 dies.
Read : man tail

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