GNU/Linux Command – LSHAL

lshal — List HAL devices

lshal is a utility for displaying devices in the Hardware Abstraction Layer(HAL) device database. This DB maintains the list of devices, that are connected to the system in real-time.

$ lshal -- List all HAL devices info in long and detailed format. $ lshal -l -- Same as above. $ lshal -s -- List all HAL devices info in short format (Only the Unique Device Identifier - UDI). $ lshal -st -- List the devices info in short and tree format. $ lshal -m -- Monitor the HAL devices and show the state changes. $ lshal -u computer -- Show the info of a specific device. $ lshal -u /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/pci_8086_2a40 -- Show thedetails about the specified UID alone.
Read: man lshal

2 thoughts on “GNU/Linux Command – LSHAL

  1. We would have never thought that years later Ubuntu 11.04 would leave lshal out of the base install. Any ideas on which package it comes in (if any)?Cheers

  2. @Waldo: It may be removed due to the deprecation of HAL in the latest distros. You can can achieve the same using the UDEV tool "udevadm".

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