Portal 2009 @ Loyola, Chennai

On Sat Dec 12th, I was invited to be part of the judging the paper presentations. It was a MCA department event. MCA Staffs and Students cooperatively did a very good job to make it as grant event. Totally 7 teams are registered for this program and 6 of them presented. Normally the papers presented in this type of events are poor in quality or stolen from Net or cut-copy-paste from Net. The state was same, even when I was a student. Only difference is, at the time access to internet difficult and person has work hard to get the content. Now it is very easy.

Many papers are summited in hurry, no time to set same font in all page, align the lines, proper heading, no time to rewrite (One team, just changed the title of a smart dust paper and summited it), etc. So as I already know about the quality of the papers, didn’t give much importance to that. I focused on presentation skill and knowledge about the topic.

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