GNU/Linux Command – XDG

xdg — Utilities for integrating applications

Utilities for integrating applications with the desktop environment, regardless of which desktop environment is used. These tools are part of’s Portland project.

$ xdg-open file.png -- Open the file in the preferred application. $ xdg-open file.pdf -- Same as above. $ xdg-open -- Same as above. $ xdg-mime query filetype file.png -- Show the file's MIME Type. $ xdg-mime query filetype file.pdf -- Same as above. $ xdg-email '' -- Open it default composer. $ xdg-screensaver status -- Show the screensaver status. $ xdg-screensaver active -- Activate the screensaver. $ xdg-screensaver lock -- Lock the screen. $ xdg-screensaver reset -- Deactivate the screensaver.
Behaviors of this command may vary depends upon your desktop settings.

Other tools:
* xdg-desktop-menu – Install desktop menu items
* xdg-desktop-icon – Install icons on the user’s desktop
* xdg-icon-resource – Install icon resources
* xdg-user-dirs – Manage “well known” user directories

Read the man pages, to know more about the other options supported these tools.

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