GNU/Linux Command – TOILET

toilet — Display large colorful text

TOIlet is somewhat similar to Banner and Figlet commands. It prints text using large characters, which is made-up of smaller characters. It supports Unicode handling, colour fonts, filters and various export formats. It accepts input as parameter and thru stdin.

$ toilet GNU -- Show the text in larger and single color. $ echo GNU | toilet -- Same as above. $ toilet -f mono9 GNU -- Show with specified font. $ toilet -F gay GNU -- Show with multiple colours. $ toilet -F metal GNU -- Show with metal colours. $ toilet -F flip GNU -- Flip and show the text. $ toilet -w 40 GNU -- Limit the width to 40 column. $ cal | toilet -- Show the calender in large text $ cal | toilet -W -- Same as above, with fixed width $ cal | toilet -f term --gay -- Just a fun
Read: man toilet

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