GNU/Linux Command – XRANDR

xrandr — Interface to RandR Extension

xrandr is very useful tool to switch between the internal and external display in the laptop. Xrandr is used to set the size, orientation and/or reflection of the outputs for a screen. It can also set the screen size. The X Resize, Rotate and Reflect (RandR) Extension is integrated into the X Server.

$ xrandr -- Dump the current status. $ xrandr --output VGA -- Enable the external VGA display. $ xrandr --output --off -- Disable the extn VGA display. $ xrandr --output LDVS --off -- Disable internal LCD display. $ xrandr --output LVDS --auto --output VGA --auto --same-as LVDS -- Clone the LCD to external display, useful for presentations. $ grandr -- Graphical Frontend for XRandR command.
Read: man xrandr

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