Pongal and Solar Eclipse @ Tamilnadu

Today is a holiday in Tamilnadu state, India and we are celebrating the 2nd day of harvesting festival Pongal. It is called Mattu Pongal. It is a thanks giving day to the cattle. In the earlier days, cattle played a major role in the cultivation. So one day is dedicated to them. The first day is dedicated to Sun God. Normally I will go my native place for this festival. But this time, I didn’t get both bus and train tickets to goto my native place.

The another specialty is, today total solar eclipse is happening in some south-east part of the tamilnadu. In Chennai, normally at 1:45pm, you will see and feel the maximum sun light and heat. But now the sun is partially covered by moon, it is so dull and outside is looks like a evening time. Due to clouds, I am unable to see the eclipse in my area. Thanks to the television, I saw this wonderful event safely in a live television program.

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