Stripping the Deemed Univ Status

Today HRD ministry removed the Deemed University status of 44 deemed university in India. I am really very happy to hear this news. I visited many Deemed Universities in Tamilnadu and I will strongly says that, they not fit for the title university. I like to go one step above and recommend to completely abolish the deemed university concept. Our education system is not mature enough to handle this.

The main reason for getting the deemed status is to get the total control and fixing own fee structures. Most of the deemed universities syllabus are equal the MIT, Oxford, IIT etc. But that is only in paper. The way classes are conducted are no difference from a normal colleges. Many deemed universities are not worried about quality of the staffs. Whenever aggradation committee visit the university, for that month, you will a major change in the faculties, new PhD and Master degree holders will occupy the HoD, Prof and Asst Prof positions. Once the aggradation process is over, every thing will come back to normal state.

Other funny things are Own grading system, PhD degrees, MoU with foreign universities (to raise the fee) , Student exchange program with foreign univ (lottery, to raise the fee), MoU with company to hire few students (to raise the fee) . Like this, deemed univ are using no of tricks to get more fees from the students.

I am not sure, how long the HRD ministry can stand by their decision. By now, all 44 deemed univ heads might be standing with huge briefcase in front of some power broker’s house.

A good education is the next best thing to a pushy mother – Charles M. Schulz

One thought on “Stripping the Deemed Univ Status

  1. The game is started. On Jan 25, HC issued formal notice to all 44 univ to submit their side explanations. After that HC will give the final verdict.

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