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Nearly 10 years before itself, some of the Discovery channel programs are dubbed in Tamil and telecasted in a Tamil TV channel (DD & Vijay). But that program did’t went well and later they stopped it. Few years back, again Discovery channel started telecasting few selected programs in Tamil language in a 2 hour slot. By mid of last year, Discovery channel started telecasting 24Hrs programs in Tamil. It is very nice to see thous nature, wild, science and engineering programs in Tamil. It is giving the great pleasure of understanding each and every minute details of the program.

Unfortunately in India, access to the Science and Technology is confine to English known tech people (<5% of the total population). And also due to the lack of the focussed effort by govt to bring-up/encourage science & technologies among students. I hope, this Tamil programs will give an opportunity to ordinary people to enjoy the science programs. And I really enjoy watching the Engineering the world, Time warp, Discovery select and Medical programs in Tamil. Thanks to Discovery channel.

UPDATE: On Aug 19 2011, KC wrote:
Recently, I came to know that is an authorised distributor of Discovery Channel Tamil Programmes. If there is a great demand for tamil programmes, they will ready to sale it. So Pls approach their portal OR SaReGaMa Chennai OR any SaReGaMa branch.

45 thoughts on “Discovery Channel in Tamil Language

  1. hey u …..its the blog is good .. but very simple …..make it in a more creative way.. and u bharathi subramanian from s.s.m.h.s.s…?

  2. really discovery Tamil service is very nice and good.I need the Tamil DVD of "In to the Universe with Stephen Hawking" and "How the Universe works ".The both series are being showed this month July 2010 and the sameTamil DVDs are not available in their store.I came to know that Tamil versions are dubbed in discovery channel’s singapore office only .pls let me know where it is available? Bye k.chandrasekaran,Tamilnadu. mail

  3. ThisTamil program will give an opportunity to ordinary people to enjoy the science programs, Thanks to Discovery Channel

  4. @KC, Unable to contact the discovery channel office. Mails are bouncing back with auto-response. I requested one of my media friend’s help. Let me see πŸ™‚

  5. i like discovery in tamil. i like tat man vs wild n durty jobs very very much and also like my shoking story.thn like all programs in discovery

  6. sir give me a chance for tamil dubbing am very eagar to join your channel and already i have some experience in this field…

  7. Hi chandrasekaran,I want "In to the Universe with Stephen Hawking" and "How the Universe works " in Tamil DVD. Did you got any info. Please let me

  8. plz anybody saw laddak people culture programe a beautiful sulokam two lines telecost anybody knows that solokam

  9. All my efforts are failed. Unable to get any info about Tamil Discovery Program DVDs 😦

  10. it is really intresting i love watching the programs like man vs wild , time warp, hunting

  11. i am a constant viewer of Discovery Chanel . but . the revolution took by the channel is broadcasting the wonders of science and technology through the regional languages. i relay appreciate those who took efforts to make the way to reach this knowledge and scientific pro-grammes to the students and the publics in rural and village . THANK U VERY MUCH. GO AHEAD.

  12. i need Ecopolis program videos in tamil version , atleast pls send me that energy power production technologies concept videos to my mail id, i hope u send to my mail id. thank you.

  13. Dear All Tamil viewer of Discovery Chennal,I came to know that portal is an authorised distributor of tamil programmes of Discovery chennal.If number of viewers asked a programme,they will ready to sale it.They need heavy response of Particular programme.Pls approach that portal.I approached MR.LOY who is working in chennai saregma over 044028151669,Pls approach whoever need any branch of saregma and inform urs feedback to me.Bye K.Chandrasekaran

  14. I really appreciate the effort to give programs in Tamil. But I noticed some translation mistake while watching. Program: Dinosaur PlanetDate Time:28 OCT 2011 2PM IST.I saw 9 million years has been translated as 9 crore years. This is wrong as 9 million year is 90 lakh years.

  15. Discovery channel Tamil is awesome. Even the unschooled people can understand science easily.This channel serves tamil people very well..

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