GNU/Linux Command – LNSTAT

lnstat — Linux Network Statistics

lnstat is a generalized and more feature-complete replacement for the old rtstat program. In addition to routing cache statistics, it supports any kind of statistics the Linux kernel exports via a file in /proc/net/stat/. By default, lnstat use 3 seconds as the interval.

$ lnstat -- Show the stats with header. $ lnstat -d -- Show all support stats files. $ lnstat -c 6 -- Show the stats for 6 times. $ lnstat -c 6 -i 5 -- Show with interval of 5 sec. $ lnstat -c -1 -- Run until the ^C is pressed. $ lnstat -s 0 -- Don't show the headers. $ lnstat -s 6 -- Show the headers for every 6 output lines. $ lnstat -f rt_cache -- Show stats from this file alone. $ lnstat -k in_hit -- Show specific key values only.
Read: man lnstat

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