Our Village in Google Maps!!


After a long wait, recently the satellite image our village is also got added in the Google Maps. I showed this image to our village people, they are very happy see the aerial view of their home, form etc,. In the image, Blue mark is our house(~150yrs old), Yellow mark is our garden and Red mark is our form.

I heard that, our Indian government is also having very high quality of the satellite images of each and every place in India. But unfortunately, the general people never get an opportunity to view/use that. If such images are available, government should block-out the sensitive areas and release rest of images under the FOSS license. So that, the non-commercial community projects, like Open Street Map, can used it as a base to create high quality maps. In turn, this maps can be used by government . Otherwise, again government needs to spend cores (in that few cores will go as a bribe) of our tax money to create such a quality maps.

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