Passport Renewal @ Chennai

On 10th March, I applied for my passport renewal under Tatkaal (Quick) scheme thru passport site and got my appoinment of 18th March. And, I started the preparation of documents for this. Nearly 14 documents are listed down in the site, in that, I need to submit 3 documents.In the 3, one must belong to A to I and another one must contain your photo. So I choose (F) Patta, (J) PAN Card and (K) Passbook.

Apart from this, we have submit 2 more documents, one is verification certificate, which need to be given by a official on their official letter pad and the 2nd certificate from a notary public. I got the 1st from my Prof and 2nd from a notary person in Adyar for Rs 300/-.

On 18th, I went to passport office with passport form (download from the site) print-out, 2 copy of all the supporting documents and originals. There was a big q of uneducated and educated people, with no clue of what is going to happen. Suddenly one person came and started issuing token number for the application. Before giving the token, he was looking for some order in the document, if it is not, then he will return it immediately (even after spending two days in that office, I am unable to understand anything about that order).

After getting the token, you need to wait for your turn. Once your token displayed on the screen, you need barge into the counter, otherwise all the educated fools/nonsenses will blindly block your way and intelligently try to pass their forms. After successfully passing your forms to the person at the counter, you became the salve of that person and whatever he ask for, you need to show with-out any delay. Any delay may leads to rejection. And rules will differ counter to counter, if you follow the instructions of counter A, there is a good chance that, you may get rejected at counter D. One more advice, do not stable your application, put hole in the top left corner and use tag to tie. So that, you can rearrange it very quickly and some time even the big stable is not enough to hold the application.

For me, the document (F) and (J) are rejected. Because, both is not having the address. Again I went to passport office on next day with (G), (J) with IT Ack and (K). Wow, accepted. I hope, the passport will reach me soon.

Instead of wasting their time, passport official must update the site very frequently with latest rules and advices. They also setup a TV Screen to explain the document order, etc.

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