OMAP-L138 VPIF Nightmare

Recently I started working on OMAP-L138 based board, it has many interface. But I interested on Video Port InterFace (VPIF) S-Video out. My task is to bring up X11 thru that interface. After loading kernel successfully, booted the board thru NFS. Just to check the VPIF interface working state, I ran the VPIF Test code and successfully got the std TV pattern on TV Screen. So I thought, next task of bring up X11 will be a child play. After spending few days, I understood that is impossible or time consuming task.

  1. X11 will not run on VPIF interface.
  2. Test programs are V4L2 program.
  3. No Frame Buffer interface to VPIF. Because, FBDev supports RGB and VPIF supports stream (NTSC, PAL).
  4. OMAP-L138 display interface won’t support display overlays.

Due to this limitation, I am thinking of using Graphics LCD driver and connect an external RGB to S-Video chip to get the output on TV Screen.

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