GNU/Linux Command – TTYREC and TTYPLAY

ttyrec — Record the TTY session operation
ttyplay — Play the recorded TTY session

TTYRec will record the TTY Operation with timing informations. It can record the vi, emacs, lynx operations also. The ‘script’ command will do the same with-out timing details. The timing information will help to replay the same operations, using TTYPlay command, on the tty.


$ ttyrec rec.tty -- Start recording furture TTY operations.
  To stop the recording, press Ctrl+D and exit.
$ ttyrec -a rec.tty -- Same as above. Instead of over-writing,
  it will append info in the file.
$ ttyplay rec.tty -- Play the recorded sequence.
$ ttyplay -s 2 rec.tty -- Play it in double speed. 

Read: man ttyrec and man ttyplay

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