HTC Desire Froyo Update Issue

Yesterday, I upgraded my HTC Desire to new Froyo release. Upgrade process went well and almost all options are working. But the important issues are mobile internet not working, power consumption is also increased and sound level is reduced. I tested the same SIM with Android Phone Samsung Galaxy Spica (2.1), in that mobile internet is successfully connected. So I felt, no issue with SIM and next tried to contact the HTC support center. Oh my god, HTC service quality is very worst in Singapore, no one will pick-up your call and even if they pick-up, they will ask you “what is froyo??!!”. And their automated voice system is using one of the worst voice/pronunciation in the world.

Trick to solve this issue:

Remove the SIM, connect to the another phone, make an internet connection and browse for a while. Now place the SIM, back to your phone. Mobile internet will work. I am unable to find the exact issue. But I think, some of the APN settings are getting corrupted after the upgrade. HTH šŸ™‚

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