Android Application Development for Tablet Devices


Android SDK provides a way to create AVD (Android Virtual Device) to run on top of the emulator. By default, you can create mobile like devices and you can also create bigger screen devices, by providing different screen resolution. Now few SDK Add-ons are available, to simply create AVD with similar look and feel of the Android Tablet devices.

  1. SAMSUNG: (~60MB)
  2. Barnes and Noble: (~140MB)

If you are already installed the Android SDK in your system then you can install the above SDK Add-ons, using the following steps, to ease the development Android applications for the Tablet devices.

  1. Start the Android SDK and AVD Manager (SDK-Folder/tools/android)
  2. Select the “Available Packages” menu from the left side panel.
  3. At the bottom of the new screen, you can find the “Add Add-On Site” and click that.
  4. Enter the Samsung/BN SDK Add-ons URL and Click OK.
  5. Select the check box of the URL and select Install Selected
  6. Accept the Licence Agreement and Install.

One thought on “Android Application Development for Tablet Devices

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