Indian Passport Damaged

Recently my family members passports are damaged, due to the water leakage from my baby’s feeding bottle. Even though the passports are kept in safe place in the bag, water went inside and damaged the front pages. Luckily, only 20% of the photo alone got damaged and rest of area is still in a good state. Next week, I may go for the Visa process at Singapore Emigration office, after that only, I will exactly know, whether I need to apply for new or survive with the current one.

Learning from the incident: 1. Take the passport photo with White background – the photo with blue background aggravated the damage by spreading the color to other area. For the same reason, it is good to take the photo with light color dress. 2. Don’t believe your water proof bags, take some extra care, like polythene cover, to protect the passport.

If you faced similar issue, please share your experience by commenting. Thanks.

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4 comments on “Indian Passport Damaged

    I kept my passport inside my trouser pocket ,due sweat my front page of the passport got damaged ,only 20% of my face is visible so dont keep the passport with a polythene cover

  2. Umang Goyal says:

    Hi Bharathi,I am facing a similar issue. I was traveling in rain and my bag got wet. Unfortunately, the passport was in the front pocket of my bag and it got wet too.Although, the damage is not much. Only the page where you have the seal & signature of the Passport Officer has got smudged a bit.Do I need to replace this passport now? What is the procedure and how much it generally takes?Please let me know. Your experience may help me.Thanks,Umang

  3. Bharathi Subramanian says:

    You need to physical show it to embassy or any other authority or travel agent.

  4. Bharathi Subramanian says:

    You need to physically show it to embassy or any other authority or travel agent.

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