Android Source for Samsung S5PV210 and S5PC110

Android Source code ported to Samsung S5PV210 and S5PC110 Processors:
  • Git Tree:
  • repo init -u git:// -b froyo-v210
  • sed -i ‘s/’ .repo/manifests/default.xml
  • repo sync

To download the Vendor and Kernel directories:
vim .repo/manifests/default.xml
<project path=”vendor/sec/smdkc100″ name=”platform/vendor/sec/smdkc100″ remote=”ctc” revision=”donut-c100″ /> <project path=”kernel” name=”kernel” remote=”ctc” revision=”samsung-android-v210-2.6.32″ />

Thanks to Tommy Hong for sharing this info.

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4 comments on “Android Source for Samsung S5PV210 and S5PC110
  1. aditya tiwari says:

    Are these firm ware updated and maintained. I m planing to buy a Samsung S5PV210 based china tablet. But want to have access to firmware code as a complete control on device, for things that cant be done with android SDK. Like twiks for driver of USB. I live in Delhi and am really glad to see an India with this kindaa blog.

  2. Bharathi Subramanian says:

    Oops, missed your comment. This Git repo is upto date. But I am not sure about the stability. I request you to join the relative mailing list to get current state.

  3. Karel Boek says:

    Where can I find the mailing list you mentioned?

  4. Bharathi Subramanian says:

    I found it in Android-Porting mailing list:

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