Nokia ditched MeeGo

As we all know that, Nokia failed to make its pitch in the Smart Phone market. Nokia was struggling to make its decision between MeeGo and Symbian platform. First Nokia orphaned the Symbian and released as FOSS software. Than again take the control of that. In the same time, Nokia was part of MeeGo project, which is a merger of Nokia’s MeeMo and Intel’s Moblin project. Nokia was planning to release one phone with MeeGo also. But..

Recently Nokia was going thru some financial and management issues. So they are unable to focus on future plan. On Feb 11, one of world biggest mobile phone developer, Nokia accepted their inability to build a good smartphone platform and announced that, they going to use the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as their smart phone platform. Who knows, like what happed to Symbian, Nokia may come back to MeeGo later. But now, the partner Intel is disappointed by the Nokia’s move.

Following are the important concern of the FOSS developers:

  1. Future of the Qt Development
  2. Future and Quality of the Qt Community release
  3. Impact of the Software Patents on Qt development 
  4. Impact on KDE development

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