Mini2440 X35 Bring-up

On this week-end, one of my friend came to me with his MINI2440 Embedded board and requested me to demo, howto boot Android on that. As he don’t have enough time, he wanted me to show this with-in ~3Hrs.

Around a year before, I did some work on Mini2440. But with-out the source or pre-built images and any instructions, it is bit difficult to bring-up the board. But I decide to try my level best to help him.

Almost 15mins gone on setting-up and getting some output on minicom. In NAND mode, no output. But in NOR mode, I am able see the output of the FriendlyARM Bios program. When I was trying to find out the reason for not booting in NAND mode, my friend told me that, someone erased the NAND flash completely. So I decided to load the bootloader alone on NAND flash and rest of the images on SD Card.

Downloaded the old pre-build images from FriendlyARM site. Using the SuperVivi BIOS and S3C2410 USB tools, partitioned the flash and loaded the uboot into it. Then partitioned the SD Card into 2 (FAT and EXT3) part and loaded Kernel & RFS into it. Then we tried to boot the board using SD Card.

But during the booting time, kernel tried to load NFS partition and went into VFS panic state. It took sometime to understand that, to boot from SD Card, we have to add the “rootdelay” kernel parameter. After adding that, Android successfully booted. But no output in LCD.

Few web search, reveled that, new mini2440 model X35 is coming with Sony LCD Touch screen. This LCD is not supported by the old kernel. I found a patch, but as I don’t have the full source, it is no use to me. After few more web search, I found a pre-build kernel image with X35 LCD support. I booted the board with new kernel image. Oh, finally we got the graphical output on the LCD.

By then almost 2.5Hrs gone. After getting the output on LCD, the next major issue is LCD calibration. With-out proper calibration values, touch points are mapped with different screen location and very difficult todo even a simple operation using the touchscreen.

The default image is not having any calibration tools like (tslib calibration). So I stopped here. I thanked him for this opportunity to refresh my mini2440 experience and asked him to continue on his own … 🙂

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