Geek Camp 2011 @ Singapore

Today, I was at GeekCamp 2011 @ 22nd floor of the Microsoft Office, Raffles. It is very nice to see the group of geeks at one place.

  • 1st talk: “Developing for the Kinect”. The speacker showed, howto get the skeleton points from Kinect device. During the talk, I found an Open Source Project to access the Kinect device from Linux platform.
  • 2nd talk: “Short Introduction of Haskell Programming” using the interactive haskell shell “gchi” and codepad.
  • 3rd talk: “Reverse Engineering the APK”, specker demoed the the open source APKTool.
  • 4th talk: After Lunch, “Easiest way to prototype web apps”, speaker showed howto build a site using WuFoo, AngularJS, JSFiddle, etc..

Afternoon, few invitations from friends, to visit the Navarathri Golu functions at their places. So I am unable stay and enjoy all the presentations and left bit early…

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