VirtualBox ProgressProxy IProgress Error

Recently, I upgraded the VirtualBox to version 4.1 on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine. After that, my Win7 VM instance failed to start and showed the ProgressProxy and IProgress Error. When I started it from command line, got segmentation error. So I am puzzled, tried many other option and went thru  all the VB config files. But no clue.

So finally created a new VirtualBox VM instance using the old hard disk image and it took few mins only. The new VirtualBox VM instance started successfully. But still I am unable to find the exact reason for this issue.

2 thoughts on “VirtualBox ProgressProxy IProgress Error

    1. (WINDOWS) I had the same issue, the problem was that the VMDK I use, is in a removable drive, and when I created the virtual machine, it was assigned letter F:, but for no reason, every time I plugged the removable drive, the system assigns the letter E: to the drive, and VirtualBox could not find the VMDK. I reassigned the letter manually and it worked.

      I hope this could help you.

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