Eclipse: Android SDK update issue (ICS & JB)

Recently upgraded to latest Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean based Android SDK (20 & 12) and ADT Plug-in (20.0.0v). But after this upgrade, I am unable to create new Android Application projects from Eclipse. Eclipse is showing the following error and the “Finish” button is disabled.


“This template depends on the Android Support library, which is either not installed, or the template depends on a more recent version than the one you have installed”. To solve this, you have to goto the SDK_Folder/extra/android and rename the folder compatibility to support.

In some installation, SDK_Folder/extra/android/compatibility folder might be placed in SDK_Folder/android-compatibility. In this case, create a short-cut SDK_Folder/extra/android/support for SDK_Folder/android-compatibility

After that, restart the Eclipse.

One more issue:
In Linux, When I start the AVD(arm) with old emulator command ($ emulator @myarm-avd), I got this “Initializing hardware OpenGLES emulation support” error and unable to start AVD at all. But If I start the AVD(arm) with emulator-arm command ($ emulator-arm @myarm-avd), AVD(arm) starting with out any issues. So now, I renamed emulator to emulator.old and created a link to emulator-arm as emulator. Now no issues to ARM AVD. But to start AVD(x86), I am using the emulator-x86 command manually. This trick is only to start the emulator successfully and run in software rendering mode. But yet figure out, how to run the emulator with hardware rendering mode.

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