Oracle VM: LDMP2V Tool

Recently I am playing with the Oracle T4 Servers, to evaluate the virtualization process of Solaris 10 OS Environment from old SunFire V-Series Hardware to new T4. The OVM package comes with a script tool called ldmp2v. It is very handy and helpful to virtulaize the Physical to Virtual machine, in a 3 step process (Collect, Prepare and Convert).

After fresh installation of Solaris 11 on T4 (Target), we will find the factory-default primary LDOM0. You don’t need to create any other LDOM, the ldmp2v will do that for you.

  • {Target-T4}
    • Create Writeable NFS share folder.
  • {Source-V215}
    • Stop all the user process and services.
    • Mount the Target NFS folder
    • Copy the ldmp2v script from target to source
    • ./ldmp2v collect -d /remote/nfs-folder/p2v1 (It may take ~1Hrs, depends on the data size and network speed)
  • {Target}
    • Edit the /etc/ldmp2v.conf to specify your preference.
    • ldmp2v prepare -d /local/nfs-folder/p2v1 p2v1 (It may take ~2Hrs)
    • Switch off the Source machine
    • ldmp2v convert -i SolarisOS.iso -d /local/nfs-folder/p2v1 p2v1 (It may take ~2Hrs)
    • Now your new VM (p2v1) is ready
    • ldm list
    • ldm bind p2v1
    • ldm start p2v1
    • telnet localhost 500x -> Login to LDOM Console.

The entire process may take ~5Hrs approx, YMMV. For more info, plz refer the Oracle OVM Page OR Fujitsu Document on Oracle VM Server Guide.

2 thoughts on “Oracle VM: LDMP2V Tool

  1. Hi Team,

    I am having 1 issue when i do this step
    ldmp2v prepare -d /local/nfs-folder/p2v1 p2v1

    Can you please help me in that.

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