Tomahawk BIOS Upgrade Linux Boot Failure

Recently I upgraded my MSI Tomahawk B450 Max BIOS. I downloaded the latest BIOS version in Zip format and unzipped into a USB disk. After booting the system into BIOS, used the BIOS Flash option (simply choose the *.3B0 file) to upgrade and it took around 15mins (Lucky no power cut) to finish.

All went well. But when I boot the system with new BIOS, it failed to find the boot device and stuck with error message “No Boot device found..”. For a moment, I thought, I screwed up the ArchLinux Disk partition table or something. Because I never faced any issue with EFI Boot in ThinkPad BIOS upgrades.

Most of the internet search result suggested to reset the BIOS. I know, that is not going to help. After going thru the settings, I saw a EFI Shell option. Hooray!! Once you go into EFI Shell, all partitions will be listed. In Gentoo/ArchLinux, the 1st partition is always the EFI partition.

  • Mount the EFI Partition – Type > FS0:
  • Goto the EFI Folder – Type > cd EFI/GRUB/ (May be different in your system)
  • Run the EFI Binary – Type > grubx64.efi

Wala, got the Grub and able to boot šŸ™‚

Now on to boot normally, we need to reinstall the Grub and update the UEFI Config

grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=GRUB


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