Short Intro about me:

  • 10+ years of experience in Application, System and Embedded software development, Consulting and Training.
  • Specialist in GNU/Linux environment.
  • Strong understanding of Embedded Linux Eco system.
  • Experience in Network stack implementation, Data router, Device drivers, Porting of Linux kernel and Android.
  • Hands-on with x86, ARM, MIPS and PPC platforms, worked with hardware team to boot-up the custom boards.
  • Mobile Application development on Android and iPhone platform.
  • Developed PKI crypto applications
  • Vast experience in working with Free and Open Source Software communities.
  • Conducted many GNU/Linux and Embedded training sessions for corporates and educational institutes.

Bharathi is an active contributor to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community. He is an executive committee member of Google Developer Group – Singapore. He was a coordinator of the Indian Linux Users Group – Chennai (ILUGC) for nearly 8 years. He was an Associate Member of National Resource Center for Free and Open Source Software, Anna University, Chennai, India. He is regularly making public presentations in many FOSS User Group meeting and technical events.

One comment on “About
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