SQLite, JDBC & Solaris (SPARC)

SQLite is one of simple and powerful Database engine. Recently I was doing some testing and performance check, using a Java Code and Xerial SQLite-JDBC library. As a part of this, I wanted to run this test on Solaris 11 (SPARCv9) environment.  Thats when I noticed two things: 1) Xerial SQLite JDBC Library not havingContinue reading “SQLite, JDBC & Solaris (SPARC)”

Find the Yesterday

On GNU/Linux platform finding the particular date from current date is a no brainer task. For example: Yesterday: date –date=’yesterday’ Nextday: date –date=’next day’ OR date –date=’tomorrow’ Other Tricks: date –date=’10 year’ date –date=’10 year ago’ date –date=’this sunday’ But on Solaris, you don’t have this luxury. So you can use the following trick: TZ=GMT+24Continue reading “Find the Yesterday”

Solaris 10: Replace the failed mirrored Boot Disk

I was lucky to identify Disk IO Error in one of our SunFire v215. The Disk contains the boot-able partition. So I have to replace ASAP. Here is the steps, that I followed to replace the failed mirror root disk. System is having 4 disks. Disks are RAID1 mirrored (1+1). Partitions are UFS. (Not ZFS).Continue reading “Solaris 10: Replace the failed mirrored Boot Disk”